Vinos Añadas 1990-1999

These wines that we present here are logically from centenary wineries, mostly from the qualified denomination of origin Rioja as it is one of the oldest denominations in the world. These wines have been kept in our winery with great affection and care, as they are very difficult to find.

These wines, when opened, must have been oxygenating for quite some time and although we cannot guarantee a wine of so many years, it is no less true that we can have a very pleasant surprise.

To serve them we will use a decanter and some glasses according to the wine and the moment we want to celebrate.

The bottle of wine is not shaken, nor turned over, nor shaken. We must avoid that the dregs it may have, or any matter adhered to the cork, get mixed with the wine. If you also open it in front of guests, the care you take with the bottle will also help to increase their expectation of the opening "ritual".

In old wines, or that have been in a dusty and humid cellar. In addition to being an elegant gesture towards your guests, you will prevent the wine from dragging any unwanted material out of the mouth of the bottle.